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Moath Sarsour


Moath, a dedicated and visionary pharmacist, embarked on his professional journey as a 2016 graduate from the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison: School of Pharmacy. His career took off at a chain pharmacy in Milwaukee, where he excelled as a pharmacy manager. During his tenure, Moath recognized the immense potential of establishing his own business. Motivated by a desire to serve his community more personally and compassionately, he ventured into entrepreneurship, focusing on making a positive impact in people's lives through his pharmacy services.

Renowned for his proactive approach, Moath is committed to providing top-quality service to his patients. He consistently goes the extra mile to resolve any issues they face, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Beyond his professional commitments, Moath is an avid soccer enthusiast who cherishes spending quality time with his family and friends. His dedication to community welfare extends to volunteering at local events and actively participating in youth programs, where he contributes his time and expertise for the betterment of society.

EducationGraduated in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison: School of Pharmacy
Previous Employment Pharmacy Manager at a chain pharmacy in Milwaukee
Business Vision Founded his own pharmacy with a focus on personalized, compassionate community service
Professional Approach Known for proactive service and exceptional problem-solving for patients
Personal Interests Enjoys soccer, spending time with family and friends
Community Involvement Active volunteer at community events and youth programs

From Moath Sarsour (PharmD ’16), Owner of Long Life Pharmacy:

Long Life Pharmacy is proud to have been featured in University of Wisconsin-Madison’s alumni newsletter DiscoveRX. This interview discusses the origins of Long Life Pharmacy and the passion for better quality of care that encouraged its establishment. Our pharmacy is thankful for this opportunity and will continue to strive for greatness.